The Emirates Group – Illustrious Conglomerate Elevates Travel and Related Industries in The Middle East

By Lynette Carrington




The Emirates Group is one of the largest and most successful conglomerates in the global aviation industry. It operates from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Emirates Airline is the leading airline company in the Middle East with 170 aircraft worth more than US $58 billion that fly daily to 140 destinations across six continents. Dnata, the other business of the Group, provides ground-handling services in 17 airports.


The aviation giant is one of the biggest employers in the region with around 62,000 workers assigned in all of Emirates Group's 50 business units and subsidiaries. The Dubai Government owns the company entirely under the auspices of Investment Corporation of Dubai. The Group records a significant profit yearly. Growth has not dropped below 20 percent since its second year in operation and it has continued to grow by leaps and bounds since its inception. Emirates has expanded into the following allied industries: engineering, airport services, tour operations, catering and event management.


Luxury Airline


Emirates Airline has earned the reputation of being the fastest-growing airline firm in the entire world, with a focus on safety, efficiency and luxury. Tourists on several continents consider Emirates as the most lavish carrier worldwide and it is the biggest in terms of its revenue and passenger capacity. This airline operates the Airbus A-380, the most prominent passenger aircraft in the world. The flagship Airbus features extravagant designs that leave both competitors and patrons continually in awe.


For those who relish luxury travel, Emirates Airline is the ultimate choice. Traveling can be very tiring and sometimes stressful, so Emirates management emphasizes comfort of passengers in the economy and business sections. Legroom is 86 x 12 centimeters more compared to other airline competitors. This thoughtful inclusion is just one reason why travelers love the Emirates travel experience. Also, no other airline comes closer to Emirates' robust Information, Communications and Entertainment (ICE) system. For instance, passengers can watch the live news in prime broadcast channels like BBC and CNN while flying.


The cuisine aboard Emirates is second-to-none and considered the best in the industry. World-renowned chefs prepare the meals served during flights utilizing carefully selected ingredients and unique and appealing recipes. There is also a wide selection of complimentary beverages available, as one might expect and the attendants aboard Emirates Airline flights are equal to the task of nearly any passenger request. Emirates Airline is luxury air travel at its finest and continues to set the industry bar at the highest level.


Just recently, Emirates introduced the first aircraft in its massive fleet with new corporate colors dedicated to the Dubai Expo 2020. The prestigious travel company is the exposition's official airline partner. Foreign tourists, business executives and distinguished personalities are expected to fly to Dubai during this widely-acclaimed international trade fair via Emirates Airline.




The Emirates Group includes Emirates Sky Cargo, the cargo carrier that maintains headquarters in the Dubai International Airport. It operates eight Boeing 777 and 747 freighters, plus 16 other aircraft.


Dnata is the Group's aviation services firm that manages the ground operations and passenger processing along with the handling of 1.3 million tons of cargo that passes through the international terminal. Dnata Agencies, the Dubai-based travel agency services significant carriers like United Airlines, British Airways, Swissair, Airblue Limited and Aeroflot.


Emirates Engineering provides support for the vast fleet of Emirates Airline's Boeing and Airbus aircraft, as well as 30 other airline companies using third-party maintenance agreements. The division oversees and implements all facets of aircraft engineering assistance including logistics, maintenance and safety. This unit maintains an engine testing cell facility and occupies the Emirates Engineering Center located on a 136-acre lot at the international airport.


The Emirates flight catering service in Dubai employs more than 5,400 personnel providing in-flight catering for airline companies at the Dubai International Airport, including its very own Emirates Airline. SKYTRAX, the United Kingdom consultancy outfit running an airline and airport review continually ranks Emirates among the best in both business and economy class airline catering.


The tour operation and events management division, Congress Solutions International, is also a subsidiary of the Emirates Group. Congress Solutions handles data management, administrative support and third-party coordination for suppliers of catering, accommodations and event venues. At the same time, it supervises conferences and leisure activities for participating delegates.


Emirates High Street is a high-end e-commerce store that carries 400 luxury items and luxurious holiday packages. In fact, jewelry, home décor, electronics and even children’s gifts can be purchased using Skywards Miles, the frequent flier miles gained each time a member utilizes travel through The Emirates Group.  


The core retail enterprise of the Emirates Group includes ownership, management and franchising of various fine-dining restaurants, bars, cafes and leisure amenities in countries under the Gulf Cooperation Council. Other holdings are Emirates Group Security, Emirates Holidays, Freight Forwarding and Logistics and Emirates SkyCargo. For additional information on The Emirates Group, visit