Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline - Redefining Luxury Travel

Gone are the days of warm towels and glasses of cheap champagne as the gold-star standard in air travel. There is a new show in town and it is taking luxury air travel to new heights. Emirates Air is the height of luxury travel. Whether it is the fleet of state-of-the-art wide-bodied jets, their attentive and caring staff or their attention to every detail; there is no denying that this airline is beating the competition and growing rapidly for a reason.

Emirates Air and the Emirates Group provide each individual traveler with a relaxing and all-encompassing experience, from booking flights to enjoying stays in some of the most glamorous resorts the Middle East has to offer. The company, formed in 1984 to provide service through the newly established Dubai International Airport, has grown at record-breaking speed in order to continually provide its clients with the utmost in travel accommodations. From its humble beginnings of flights to three locations, the company quickly expanded. In only six years, the company expanded to provide 25,000 weekly travelers the option of flying into 23 different destinations. The airline now boasts the title of the largest airline in the Middle East, with flights daily to more than 141 destinations in 75 countries and six continents across the globe. Realizing the company was providing the exact service that travelers had been looking for, Emirates Group expanded in 1999, purchasing their first resort, Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. From that point on, they have been recognized as one of the world’s largest providers of tourism facilities.

The reason that Emirates Air and the Emirates Group has so quickly climbed into the hierarchy of the travel industry is simple; they provide a service that is unmatched by any competitor.

Taking an Emirates Air flight is unlike any other airline experience. The engines are so quiet they are almost imperceptible during the flight. Every cabin is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including touchscreen media. The traveler is engrossed in lavish accommodations during the flight. Each jet boasts a private first-class shower area, large business class seating area which provides storage and room for comfortable sleep, and a full-service bar area to tempt you with whatever beverages you desire. Emirates Air is driven to continuously excel in its field. Customer service is at the heart of the business, and every member of the staff will work tirelessly to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience.

The Emirates Group is also dedicated to supporting events that enrich lives outside of travel. They are proud sponsors of FIFA, India’s Premier Cricket League and they are the official sponsor of the US Open in professional tennis. The Emirates Group’s dedication stretches beyond their owners, staff and clients; they are dedicated to communities.

With more than 50 companies spanning tourism, aviation, travel and transportation, the Emirates Group has become a powerhouse in the Middle East economy. The main hub is in Dubai, but the company owns hotels throughout the world and provide flights throughout various countries and continents. Emirates Group is an industry leader in tourism and has been recognized with more than 500 international awards. One area in which Emirates Air is continuously recognized is in its Skywards program, which generously gives frequent clients access to points which they can redeem for free travel, hotels and rental cars.

The next time you are looking for luxury travel throughout the world, look no further than Emirates Air. The experience is unlike any other in the world!